Miles Hutchings, Ph.D., CEO & Founding Partner

Miles Hutchings is the CEO and founding partner of Amindon Inc. a New York company providing R&D services to the specialty chemicals industry. Miles held senior management positions with Intertek, BASF and Ciba Corporation. He helped establish and lead Ciba's Expert Services business in North America where he had full P&L responsibility and managed a team of 110 scientists, sales and marketing personnel and support functions. As Head of Business Development for Intertek’s Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals business his responsibilities included the organic growth of established business lines as well as growth options from outsourcing or M&A initiatives. Miles joined Intertek in New York in 2010 following the acquisition of the Ciba Expert Services business from BASF which he headed since its inception in 2004. Miles’ industrial experience includes technical management for the development and application of lubricant additives as well as marketing and product management of additives for the plastics industry. His industrial career began with Ciba-Geigy in Basel, Switzerland in 1987. Prior to joining Ciba, Miles was a Research Fellow within the Department of Medicine at the University of Oxford. He also gained Industrial experience with Exxon Chemical Corporation and British Petroleum in the United Kingdom. He has received several speaking awards, and has published numerous articles, papers and patents. Miles received a Ph. D. in Chemistry and a B. Sc. in Industrial Chemistry from the University Wales in Cardiff.


Ravi Ravichandran is a co-founder of Amindon and was a Senior Research Director at Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Tarrytown, New York, and Vice-President of R&D at King Industries, Norwalk, Connecticut He is the author, coauthor of over 30 journal articles, book chapters and books including Handbook of Coating Additives 2nd Ed., (Marcel Dekker), Plastics and Coatings: Durability, Stabilization, and Testing (Hanser Gardner), holds over 145 US patents and is a member of the American Chemical Society, and American Coatings Society.

Dr. Ravichandran received the B.S. degree in Chemistry from University of Madras, Madras, India, and the M.S. degree in chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India and Ph.D. degree in chemistry from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. He spent his post-doctoral years as a Research Associate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York.


Paul Daniels retired as a senior staff chemist from ExxonMobil Chemical Company in March, 2013. He spent most of his nearly 33 years with ExxonMobil supporting that company’s plasticizers, higher alcohols and higher olefins businesses. (During much of that time ExxxonMobil was the largest US supplier, and one of the largest worldwide suppliers, of plasticizers for thermoplastic polymers.) Paul was involved in solving customer problems (processing problems, end use performance problems) with their plasticized products, in studying plant issues with the manufacture of plasticizers, in developing new plasticizers and in developing new markets for existing plasticizers. As a result of this experience Paul authored a number of technical papers and patents in the plasticizer area. He served on technical committees with various industry groups including the Society of the Plastics Industry, the Society of Plastics Engineers, the Resilient Floor Covering Institute and the Chemical Fabrics and Film Association. He received his masters and Ph.D. degrees in organic chemistry from the University of Louisville.


Leslie R. Rudnick is President of Designed Materials Group, consulting in the fields of lubricants, lubrication and working on the development of new materials. Formerly, the Technical Director at Ultrachem Inc. He was a Senior Scientist at the Energy Institute, at The Pennsylvania State University and has worked at several Fortune 500 companies. The author, coauthor, editor and coeditor of over 100 journal articles, book chapters and books, including Synthetic Lubricants and High Performance Functional Fluids, Second Edition (Marcel Dekker, Inc.), Lubricant Additives: Chemistry and Applications, 1st and 2nd editions and the 1st and 2nd Editions of Synthetics, Mineral Oils and Bio-Based Lubricants (Taylor and Francis Books). He holds 29 US patents and is a Fellow of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, and a member of The American Chemical Society. Dr. Rudnick serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Synthetic Lubrication. He holds a B. S. degree (1969) from the University of Iowa, Iowa City, and M.S. (1972) and PhD, (1975) degrees in chemistry from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. He is currently working on the 3rd Edition of Lubricant Additives: Chemistry and Applications.


Paul Seemuth is Chief Executive Officer at Tribology Consulting International. Dr. Seemuth holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry and has more than 30 years of experience in tribology and lubrication technologies. His fields encompass, but are not limited to, synthetic organic chemistry, lubrication technology and formulations, catalysis, polymer processing, specialty chemicals, fuel and oil additive formulations. He is Six Sigma certified.

His experience includes roles as global technology leader - DuPont Fibers Finish Technology Group, responsible for global Fiber Finish technologies and strategies / marketing, related plant designing and start-ups, VP - Global Technology at SSC Industries, adjunct professor at University of Detroit – Graduate Program and associate professor at Chattanooga State in the Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering / Wacker Institute.

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC), he is a recognized world expert in the field of Tribology, the study of friction and wear. Paul has over thirty publications and 15+ patents covering scientific endeavors on automotive additives, lubricant technologies, fiber finish formulations, polymer production processes, heterogeneous catalysts and supercritical fluid applications. He contributed a major chapter on “Textile Fibers / Fabrics” in the Handbook of Lubrication and Tribology, Volume I Application and Maintenance, Second Edition, then served as Section Editor for the Encyclopedia of Tribology along with a contribution on Fiber Boundary Tribology.

Dr. Seemuth consults both domestically and internationally. He regularly gives presentations on scientific topics related to lubrication and surface science.


Gilbert is the CEO of Vyridis located in Switzerland. He has held senior executive positions in global companies delivering both products and services. He possesses 25 years of experience in international business management, gained in different branches of various industries. He has experience in both Products and Services businesses in areas, such as, Specialty Chemicals, Pharma & Medical Devices, Food & Beverages and Building Materials.

Vyridis is a company based at the lake of Zurich in Switzerland. Founded in 2001, it has progressively integrated a unique network of scientists, engineers, managers and business people all around the world who have worked together for many years. Their combined knowledge across the value chains of many industrial sectors operating in life sciences, material science and their numerous applications represents a fantastic asset for our customers.


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